Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nicaragua Day 2

Hello amigos,

Day 2 begins with students. This morning the initial shock is passing. Students found their way from their homes to my hotel, that was great for them! From there we all walked together to the place where classes are held. It is the oldest home in Central America, quite beautiful. Yesterday when we got into the city they were celebrating "el tope". This is when people show off their horses. The fiesta dates back to colonial times when the Spaniards brought horses into the city. This fiesta takes place once per year, we were lucky enough it was going on yesterday. People paraded through the streets with their horses, danced, quite chaotic but fun. We sat at a restaurant and watched the horses and people go by. It was a fun evening.

They all had a great morning with their families and they are all stuffed with all the food they gave them for breakfast. We had class already and they are right now taking their classes with their Nicaraguan teachers. They will be in shock, again, they do not speak English and are used to teaching Nicaraguans not foreign students.

Honestly, all students seem to be having a great time and are adapting well. This afternoon we 're doing a city of Granada tour and the students will be visiting their volunteer job sites. They begin work tomorrow.

Saludos a todos,

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