Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nicaragua Day 3

Hello,It is now the end of day 3. Class has gone very well and students are adjusting well to coming and going from their houses to school. They are starting to come out of their shells, particularly with the kids (they do not judge). They are adapting to their families and not so afraid to talk to them. Today was their first day at their job sites. Irene (the host program's director) and I visited all the sites to make sure they all felt safe and had something to do. A group is working with disabled children, another with street kids who would normally be on the streets during the day but instead go to this place to take classes (drawing, computer, painting, dancing), one student is at the mayor's office, and two at a hospital (if it is approved tomorrow).This evening we had salsa lessons, it was lots of fun.


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